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Monday, 18 May 2009

Environmental reality, as a society

Or more simply, the recognition of various differences that constitute the environments of man.  The elemental beginning of peace or distress, is caused by the fundamental lack of resources/ or the gain of extra resources, that are then used by all men: in their attempts to control their own destiny.  Money is a tool/ only because most other men and women respect it.  But a real resource fills a need, and that need simply stated demands attention.  Consequently, when times are hard, or more clearly when resources are limited, or people don’t want what you can, or are willing to do:   the competition spurs revolt in society.  Revolt in society is the inevitable blame game: “its their fault/ they are taking what is rightfully ours” etc.  One of the most disastrous of these games, “is the thirst for women, in men”.  Consequently when there are few women “called the same”/ the men invade “other colors” to compensate. When the competition goes against women, they do the same.  That of course increases the competition in “those colors”, and riots, prejudice, violence, jealousy, and hate do break out: “ours/ not yours, is the constant cry”.  This is repeated in every aspect of young life, manifesting itself not only among the different colors/ but also in different towns, different sections of the city, more or less anything called a boundary will be considered “ours/ NOT yours”.  Except of course when these very same young men want to cross someone else’s imaginary border; and young women simply like the attention, so they participate often with “unfortunate endings/ can’t tell me what to do”, is a critical problem with both men and women. A constant delusion of freedom, that does not exist in this real world. The reality of a peaceful world, is then directly related to whether there is peace between men and women/ whether sufficient numbers of both are established to contain “the enthusiasm” of youth.  As age appears, in general in america at this time, the degree of acceptance is dependent upon money, or loneliness.  Failure is descriptive of eyes, that see only “a prize” rather than a human being; both genders being the same here.
Disciplines are not borders, they are responsibilities searched for and earned by the level of obedience established in the reward that is life.  A discipline is the essence of reality, exercised within the understanding gained through knowledge, that becomes the wisdom necessary to attain the desired outcome, because the price has been affixed, and the cost has been accepted. You do not earn discipline or wisdom, by accepting the truth of someone else/ rather you gain both by the work assembled from an understanding called “common sense”.  This is the common and constant failure of university & religion, as the idiot believes “the book/ that is enough”.  Clearly, it is not; however these are beginnings, where useful information exists.  Such as is this text/ it cannot give you wisdom or disciplines, until established by the uniformity of your own lessons in life.  Life teaches, it is YOUR FAULT, should you refuse to learn!

I am writing today, partly because the weather has been slightly unpleasant, but most because discipline demands this work has not ended until life on earth is sustained.  All the threats that exist today, REQUIRE an education from which common sense can prevail, and accept the necessary challenge to demand:   LIFE MUST COME FIRST!   Nothing else matters more, because without life, body, earth, environment etc/ we are dead.  Dead is, without the option of change, “cemented into eternity”.  Consequently, our relationship with life, is beyond importance within the reality called death.  There are billions, who believe life ends as dirt/ billions who believe in a wide variety of fantasy and illusion/ billions who believe, they can challenge GOD,   “And not suffer for it”.  Each is wrong.
The elemental fact of life is: that we did not create this for ourselves/ it is a gift!  Fools and failures suggest, “we built ourselves one piece at a time”/ but even an infant, if they could talk, knows better;   what a fool you are/ it is unbelievable, if I was not here to see it”.  FAR Beyond stupid.  Look at yourself, seeing, hearing, talking, touching, living, thinking, moving, smelling, breathing, a heart, a stomach, skin, intestines, liver, kidneys, and a billion more realities just to keep you alive.  What piece don’t you need?  Cut out your heart/ take away your blood/ cut yourself and bleed to death?  What don’t you need? Clearly we are not built a piece at a time. DUMB ASS.

Regardless, back to work.  In the endless reality of arrogance and idiocy,  that is primarily men leading this world, not only do we have to contend with male and female relationships by more deliberate and real conscious choice.  We absolutely must deal with the endless assault on resources/ because these are limited, and life fails without them.  It is not “one hundred years from now, its death to them”.  This is in a decade, there will be intense and real competition for every valuable resource around this world/ ending in war, from which there will be no escape, and no survivors.  Our reality is not a game/ the composition of this statement comes from the certainty that the ocean will no longer feed one billion people, the fertilizers and irrigation required for land food supplies will run out, the land being consumed by roads and subdivisions, weather tragedies from human disgrace, and a long list of other problems WILL PROVE, there will be war, no less than one decade from today.  Unless there is change.  But that assumes of course, that you can actually survive a decade, until the year 2019, I doubt it very much.  Change is essential/ or your dead, as a world.  All gone/ “satan wins”, because you are satan, “the destroyer of this world”.  Over-population limits decisions to reality and truth, no more playing.  No more excuses, not for the color or lack of color to your skin.  No more excuses for poverty or wealth or anywhere in between.  NO MORE EXCUSES.  Either you choose for life, which means LIFE AND THE CHOICES NECESSARY TO SUSTAIN THIS EARTH AND ALL ITS LIFE SHALL BE MADE, or you die.  It is that simple.  No leader can alter that fact/ ONLY LIARS can come between you and the truth, we are in trouble as life ruled by humanity on this earth.  That is a change created by men: we now control our destiny on earth, because nature can no longer survive, unless we choose to allow/ to help/ to sustain/ and to protect life and its environment WITH RESPECT.  This is a choice, and you must make it or die.  When you know the game is over/ death is at the door, and not a single liar in this whole world can convince one single life it is not true: your dead, living for a few more minutes or not.  Once past the point of no return, and “its over”. That time comes quickly, because, there is a moment when human needs outweigh the ability of nature to recover/ and that means, the only alternative is to eat people. Are you ready to be food, for someone else?  Ready to eat someone else?  The reality of leadership by men:   makes you stand at this door, and will force you through without real and significant change, and the work required to survive.  That work is:   STOP KILLING/ MUTILATING/ DESTROYING/ FAILING/ BEING SO DAMN STUPID AND ARROGANT/ AND START RESPECTING LIFE, and its needs, NOT just yours.      Dumb ass, or perhaps stupid, stinking, absolute failure is more appropriate/ dumb ass.

As you can tell, I do still have a little trouble continuing an education for you.  Your reality is so intensely blind and deaf and mute.  Enough for today.
Continuing on means, that new and different ways must be designed and dealt with as our reality demands.  One of the more necessary realities is that “the judicial service, including policemen and women” MUST clean up their job.  The police commonly act and portray the simple concept “we are the biggest, most powerful gang/ and we are in control; thereby the intent and means “to herd cattle” are used, and the people involved fail to believe in justice.  The judicial services believe, “their job” is to incarcerate/ and remove every person that does not adhere to “the rules”;   which removes freedom, and infiltrates society with the disease of power and pride “we took their lives away/ we are gods”.  None of it is true.

Instead of stupidity, reality must rule.  That means the police are NOT “cattle herders”/ the judiciary is not a tool by which the few rule over society.  Instead, police are intended to be “the supervisors, of freedom”/ whereby intervention means, that their abilities are governed, their authority is asked to be: please help us all to be free, with as much discipline as is necessary for peace and joy.  NOT their rules or ours/ but as the law allows for freedom, and life allows for independent truths. The judiciary is a design created, to remove by the evidence; those people who hate.  And only those people who hate.  Critical to this decision is then the various levels that lead to hate, and the transformation of society: because there are those who refuse to work, or respect the other lives.  Functionally, the demand is simple:   all who hate are removed from influence by death or separation in some form that will not return.  All the others must be dealt with by the reality of their ways.  In other words, for example: the people who deliberately steal, without a desperate need/   are given to be slaves for a period not to exceed one year refuse the work, and you will not eat, even unto death.  The people who steal because the need is desperate, shall be treated with respect:   which means their need shall be recognized, and society will attempt to “fix their problem/ by such things as an education and a suitable environment to learn that primary lesson:   we live together, understanding fair simply means, “as best we realistically can”/ life ain’t perfect.  The people who steal, by swindling large amounts with scams deliberately intended “DON’T give a damn about you”; establishing ridicule for all those they steal from.  Shall be given the choice to return every penny possible, and go to jail for not less than ten years/ with no chance of ownership or the rights of citizenship thereafter.  And if they do not, if even a tiny amount is not returned: we say as society, then you can die.

       As to other examples: in all felony (VIOLENCE, and hate have been identified, and too extreme not to intervene)  cases the witness shall give their testimony by written words, and by verbal testimony at the time these citizens do their duty to report a crime.  So long as the witness is alive, the accused may contest their statement creating a dialogue/ UNLESS the slightest threat is made.  Thereby, the value of the testimony is created by the interplay and subsequent use of that conversation in court.  Should a witness die of the slightest question called murder, their words are sealed; and no testimony of the accused can deny it.  In all felony cases, if the witness dies by murder/ the accused will be executed; no trial shall be given, within 30 days the execution shall occur.  In all felony cases, if there are threats to a witness or a police or a judge: the element of hate shall arise, and the critical demand, “at least 10 more years shall be added to your imprisonment”.  There are no penalties of imprisonment beyond 20 years/ if that is not wise, YOU WILL execute this prisoner at the beginning: but be absolutely sure. There is no mercy for pedophiles/ take a child’s life, for sex and you die.  Should there be threats against any family member, any person considered to be a “great loss” to a witness: that too will add at least 10 years to a prison sentence of the accused.  If any person related in such a way to a witness/ judge/ or police in a felony case is intentionally, seriously harmed: if a gang was involved/ then the entire gang will be rounded up and imprisoned, for at least 10 years, if the murderer is proven/ the others may get out in 3 years, if not; they all inherit the same sentence as the accused; if that is death/ then all die, whether “a thousand member gang or not”.  Surrender and prove the murderer, or inherit the same.  If there is no gang involved/ then reality suggests a payment is made.  All associates or potential associates will be “rounded up”/ imprisoned for thirty days, and assigned the necessary duty of establishing a trail to who is responsible.  If they cooperate, and prove truthful; they go free.  But if there are lies/ those liars go to trial, and must then prove they are innocent/ as these have been proven guilty already.
Any witness, any person who substantially assists in the aid of a victim of a crime, during the crucial time when it makes a difference: SHALL be given whatever medical treatment is necessary for free/ SHALL RECEIVE compensation by society/ SHALL HAVE their job protected during recovery.  And shall be given priority status, with regard to loans, educations, or other means of assisting individuals as society can and must do. This is a choice to aid and assist society for peace/ THEREFORE society will aid and assist that person, in their own quest for peace and happiness as well.  It is owed, where the value of their assistance is proven true. If this person dies as a result of supporting society against that crime/ their family SHALL be compensated in a manner considered to be “justice”.  That would include moving to a different neighborhood (with ten years of “rent assistance”)/ or increased police presence to clean up this neighborhood/ or a free education for their child, etc.  Society owes those who keep life happy, and at peace/ above and beyond a job. Be fair.

Every society, every community, every family, every color has an identity of their own.  Those that support each other/ DO BETTER, than those who refuse to support or pay the price of “we do share/ because we do care”.  There are no more excuses for failure, failure is a refusal to do what you literally can do/ to learn what you literally can learn/ and to choose what is true, rather than what is fantasy and delusion, or just plain want, lust, pride, selfishness, or greed.  Every segment of humanity HAS DEMANDS made upon it, by life.  Therefore every person has a duty to complete these demands for their own life, or those who are dependent as a child upon them.  Society owes this work/ it is not a gift/ it is not an option: that is your reality, it is truth: that I/we have a right, to critical needs by work, same as the rest.  Luxuries are a different matter/ needs are needs.  This world has many needs today/ enough for everyone full time, to repair all the damage that has been done.  Choose for life/ NOT for money, there is NO allowance “to get rich”.  There is only the cause: either we will repair and prepare for a future that we can survive, or life dies.       Make your decision/ do your share.

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