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Monday, 18 May 2009

A book, introduction

Time has become a “strange companion”/ leaving me, changing me from a relationship that was strictly and completely disciplined male;   to now, a reality experiencing the compositions and basic fundamental, of being female.  Can’t even describe it, except to say “it is very different”/ felt my breasts “swinging” for the first time today, a little shocking/ but not much; carrying a weight on one side seems to have caused it.  I am learning patient endurance, want to or not.
I have lost the basic building blocks of male that are creating boundaries, and defining the relationships that must be confronted, for the sake of what seems right to men.  To become female seems, to identify what is love, and nurture it instead.  And to be vulnerable, because that too is part of this experience.  Regardless, this has become an experience of my life/ don’t know why, unless it is simply to educate you.  Really, “it is SO STRANGE” to me; my whole world inside seems to have changed/ everything is different.  Can’t change it back, not even a clue. You really just can’t imagine, life is different.

OR,  Perhaps this occurs because it is only male and female working in very close relationships, that can conceive of the work  necessary for life to survive.  I cannot say for certain, I simply do the best I can. Life is not bad/ just really different.  Can’t explain it really; but even so, I have come to live in a state of “no ownership”/ as what is female is not mine, and what was male is simply not in charge of anything. It is a strange existence; female in charge/ but I am not, even though “I” has become something different, and memories are still disappearing.  Regardless of everything else; there is no “plotting or planning here”/ no expectation or consideration for cause or consequence in relating “the complete surprise”, initiated by reading Revelation 12 in the Bible.  In reality, all “gender issues” are simply; I am just writing down what is essentially so strange to me, that I know not what else to do with it.  In essence then, my reality has become a question to women:  what is your decision, because my life has been given to your need. I can feel it, because I am living it. I don’t know why. 
I could have helped in “a hundred ways”; but instead, it seems clearly I have traded places with woman: essentially, literally becoming bound, to be your helper/ instead of “a simple  friend”. Still a friend, just without the options and choices/ something is really different; it is a strange reality, but literally my reality, changing me.  Honest, don’t understand it/ don’t know how to understand it; can’t change it back.        Different.
Story begins in www.complexdestiny.info

On more interesting topics, the elemental understanding created in my work extends primarily from all that man accomplished prior to the invasion of “female”. I seem to be “something like 51% female, & 49% male”; with female absolutely in charge. I, as an individual identity am in charge of nothing, my rights abolished; my ability to make other choices ended. This is not a competition/ I lost, as the identity that male built: the simple truth is, as male I had no answers left, just confrontation.  “Female intervention” has Consequently added:  it is now necessary to learn new and different ways, as instructed by life, under female rules. Since I don’t know the “rules”, I don’t get to make any decisions. What is worse, “I no longer know what male would choose, these things are vanishing. It is a strange life.  Don’t know how it ends/ or what comes next; one day at a time.  Although in all honesty,  what is now female HAS been absolutely crucial to the possibilities presented to you, as an option to change from the terrible consequences of male leadership:  to life first. That simple fact, does make everything else acceptable/ it is not bad, just very different; a COMPLETE surprise, but I am adjusting or more correctly, life is “adjusting me”. You really just can’t imagine the surprise. These things are elements in force, applied to me, in a similar fashion it would seem, that I chose as male, to apply to you.  Not the same by any means/ but more correctly as is constant in the system of balance that is this universe: a measure of truth, by force, not consistent with my own decisions, HAS been applied to me. What was intended: “strictly male, stop the decisions that destroy life”/ has become strictly female instead:  their turn now. I am grateful it is no worse; but my reality is, these breasts are still invading me, a little more every day they grow. Those Decisions were not intended to hurt you, or life  / BUT were decisions critically intended to demand stop this insanity now, before all life is dead. The problem being, that critical confrontation is fear/ and the constant in fear is; you cannot control the panic of others.  Even knowing men would not listen:    CANNOT do nothing/  was  impossible. Polite and kind, proved useless in men.
I simply did not focus on women as leaders of change, to any degree at all/ as men were and continue to be leaders, and have chosen these things, defend these things, and are responsible for all this disgrace. Just how it was.

Regardless, An education (tried that in men from time to time, they refused) was not, “the intended path of male in me”:   it would have been a disaster, creating fears (not violence; meaning  biological tragedy, but force, the elemental surprise of truthinstead of potential change as is needed. I would offer, “I am sorry”/ for the simple fact, that what was male did not choose better; became lost in the failure of other men to listen or choose for life, and then became aware there is absolutely no hope in men;     did not recognize the abilities or potential contribution of women at the time.  But even so, what was and is female did intervene, and I am happy for your opportunities, to survive as life on earth; that is this consequence for you.
Today however, IT IS YOUR TURN to decide what you can do to intervene in critical chaos, as is coming.  YOU MUST CHOOSE to defend this world as best you can, or accept defeat as an assassin for running away.  Life needs you today/ this is not a game, the world is at risk of dying for real. There are no excuses; only soldiers/ enemies/ and deserters.  Choose!        The simple reality is: I am not allowed spiritually to do more than create this message.  YOU ARE responsible, for changing your own lives and society/ it is your job, your duty, and it is to become “your joy” should you succeed, and survive. I am a messenger, not your savior.

There will be issues of “science” for many years to come/ realities destined to decide our fate, as life or death on earth.  That of course is dependent upon whether you survive the current list of death, that science has designed to exterminate you and life on earth.  A long list of fools, choosing to risk all life on earth/ just for pride.  How could life on earth be so blind, as to allow them to get this far: is absolutely disgraceful.  The disease of university, the death of knowledge and wisdom; the crucifixion of understanding anything descriptive of respect: all convict you of failure, the disease of a want so extreme, nothing matters/ life is as nothing, but selfishness to you.  Shame on you, even shame on this world, for creating so many threats of extinction and extermination.  Not a brain shared in an entire network of universities or government: because even a fool understands, NOT to risk everything/ for nothing, but power or pride. Shame on you.  There are of course the endless liars, who claim   “Their science” is not for nothing/ but for great and wondrous gifts to humanity.  BUT THAT IS NOT their reality or truth.  There is nothing to be gained by releasing the disciplines that control the energy of our world, such as is NIF, & CERN, and others; absolutely nothing, because without discipline we are nothing. Vaporized and without form.  There is nothing to be gained by destroying the disciplines of genetics/ as everything called nature IS THE EXISTENCE OF DISCIPLINES AND ORDER, THE VALUE AND REALITY OF DESIGN as is the genetic structures of life.  Without these we are nothing but slime, and everyday millions of mutilations exist/ are committed to/ are introduced/ and are inadvertently changing countless realities of biology with unintended damage. How amazingly stupid, do you have to be: to destroy life on earth, with simple arrogance and a blind dysentery of foolish fantasy and delusions that can only be called “the attempt to play god”.  There are no words, apart from “the destroyer of worlds/ satan”.  Religious by meaning or not, it does fit.  And the religious hide, as they always do/ certain in their prayers “they can run away from reality”.  But they can not.

Instead of time and talent in the  billions or trillions spent at nif/ the world or at least america would now be energy independent with minimal destruction;   had this been used for life first.  But no, men do not like life first/ they want only to be praised as “gods/ look at me, we are powerful enough to kill you: bow down bastard’s and slaves”.  An endless line of rapists, each one demanding to control lives, and make the others obey, by force.  Just so you know, as male; my intent was simply to make men realize extinction was their result/ before it was past the point of no return.  Still wrong, because fear will not help; possibilities all gone now, no need to worry.

As to cern, fools without the brain of a nat;   how little honest thinking is involved:   when they tell you, “we want to re-create/ the single most destructive event in the history of the universe” right here on earth.  Built a machine, created a power source, established lies without end: all to see if they could produce the worlds’ biggest bomb.  Just like the other men, throughout history aren’t they!  Fear me, fear me, fear me; I am god to you.  But deluded so badly/ destroyed of respect by absolute arrogance, and living in such a fantasy: “don’t have a clue”.   And the world follows, without even a whimper; apparently humanity has a death wish/ but we all know, you don’t.  So what then?  Like an audience playing “fanatic fan”/ its “me too”, going to be god/ going to be “the star, in my mind”.  Stars will kill you, even millions of miles away.  Even so, if the simple minded bumpkins, the absolute failures of science in every area had half a brain between them: they would know, if looking for evidence and reality established by the big bang/ they need only conceive of the energy locked inside an atom and learn to participate within that energy, rather than try to destroy it as all fools do.  Can you survive “the sun on earth/ can you survive the single most destructive event in the universe, creating time/ destroying all previous time or whatever it was:   no you cannot.  It takes a satan, to try.   GOD will decide/ but these are no game.  And we know not, if OUR CREATOR   is willing to let you survive with your complete disrespect of everything living/ everything alive/ everything called a future or a hope or a passion for love:   because your science intends to destroy it all.  Such is your worship of devils/ such is your reality of belief, NOT in knowledge/ but in pride, power, and want without regard to life.

Life is a balance/ but humanity has turned to be fool.  Life is a passion for creating yourself, as an individual completed by the discovery of who you choose to be/ but humanity lives for want, discovering arrogance, vile hatred, and power to make the others obey. Life is a blessing/ but male leadership has created a road, that can only lead to hell.  Created an arrogance, that can only lead to Armageddon; and your time is short, to change these events.  At nif, the outcome of that satan work, would be “a biblical lake of fire”/ because bringing fusion to this earth is to create a fire that cannot be put out; everything is fuel.  Cern would be in all probability an explosion so violent, that it literally extends into the earth creating a volcano so violent it cannot be imagined/ causing such catastrophe, that Yellowstone will also erupt.  Genetic crucifixion/ WILL become slime for all life on earth; there is no other choice, because if you lose the discipline, that is all that is left of life.  The terrific LIARS who built the game of stealing everything the majority worked for/ and then changed the game, to make them pay more: WILL create a civil war, as hate/ revenge/ jealousy/ and then violence take over this world.  In America, with so many guns/ so much pride: “the biblical rivers of blood”/ are clearly about to happen. Don’t have to be “a brain” to see it: lots of people unhappy/ lots of people upset, and blaming all the others/ lots of people with guns, creating insanity and fear: everybody shoots at once.  And then the chaos extends, to a reality of little water, little food; and a need to cannibalize or die.  This is the world men built/ this is your world today, except for the fact, there is literally much more.  Death of an ocean/ end of oxygen, because you destroyed the plants that provide it, and produce so many fires, these consume more than the oxygen that can be produced in a year/ not to mention all the life, that needs oxygen too.
But hey, “your too smart for me”/ too damn smart for any actual evidence/ way too damn smart to be influenced by truth, “got experts to lead you to death/ and don’t give a damn about knowledge:   LIE, DAMN IT;   cause hell, you don’t want no damn change, do you.  HELL NO. shit on the world, ain’t going to happen in your lifetime is it.
YOU could not be more wrong, in little more than a year/ without truth and change, YOU WILL pass the point of no return.  Leaving all life behind, as you discard this earth, and become the desecration of everything sacred about life or living. This is no game/ YOU ARE CHOOSING, the fate of this world.  Choose life first, do it now/ or be lost, forever.
Don’t care/ don’t give a damn/ too damn scared to work/ going to hide in fear/ won’t share/ won’t respect/ won’t forgive or remove righteousness, to give life a chance; etc/ etc/ etc.
Then go ahead and die. Its your life.

But do understand, YOU will die as the assassin of life on earth/ as the destroyer of    GOD’S   CREATION here as earth.  And if I were you without change, or hope, or desire to help this world: the warning is:  TERROR IS NOT “a big enough word”, it is only the beginning.

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