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Monday, 18 May 2009

A relentless thirst

The reality of our existence here in time, is clearly identified by the compositions of love and hate/ but it is also created by a never ending relationship with greed and power, or pride and want.  These things have established society, and created the roads upon which humanity lives, works, and defies truth.  It is not a necessity of life/ it is a chosen reality of men. The question is why?  The answer is: because in time, people are allowed the freedom to choose what they desire to be/ and there are always a few men who desire to be powerful/ proud/ and in control of others.  They then defile the opportunities of all, to create for themselves only, the possibilities of a better life; or the things necessary to survive.   Not only do they choose to control the others, by demanding obedience in return for resources or rights/ but they also live in want, by destroying the opportunities of others, so that they can be controlled; even if it means, all of nature is defiled/ executed/ or mutilated.  Makes no difference/ so long as controlled, grants the power to say “they win”.  The reality of winning death, seems not to matter.  The truth of dying in this process of deliberate hate, is cast aside;   and LIAR comes to the surface, as the means to ridicule and violate the reality of all life on earth, with the scourge of a violent disgrace.  The vast majority of men, are helpless/ because every vile and hateful individual learns to control more:   THERE MUST BE “a gang”.   So wars emulate this behavior, establishing death and mutilation, extermination for some/ rape for others; disaster for all.  But that is the basic framework of greed, applied to life on earth/ and both men and women apply themselves to “becoming rich”; thereby refusing to accept the limits and the price of life, by the peace, love, and understanding of a world built upon truth.  We must become truth, to live as peace and harmony.  That is the price, and it goes up to the various levels of honor, discipline, courage, and much more. 

We must then ask, WHY do so many people “want to be rich”?  The fundamental answer is, the only real benefit that wealth suggests is:   then you don’t have to deal with the other people!  Some would answer, it is more:   you get the best of everything/ people call you winner, and respect you because they could not get this done.   But reality states: “the best of everything” is unnecessary/ and pride has a hidden cost, it destroys love.  As to winner, when will you understand: this is a never ending game;   consequently what did you really win? The answer is nothing, but a demand to do so again/ pay whatever it takes again/ and sacrifice whoever gets in the way:  or lose.   I say:   play the games of men, and you already lost.

A different world, REQUIRES:   that those who choose love, shall live as love in peace, harmony, life, and hope;   where every discipline necessary for living is shared/ and every freedom that is possible for life, is given its chance to learn and be a relationship for you to experience and express.  To achieve this as fact/ those who hate, MUST be removed. Those who are determined to control the others, who seek only pride/ worship only power/ and are determined to make the others pay for their own existence cannot stay here; among those who love, recognize truth as the only way;  and share because they do care.

To conceive of this change in society and time;   the right to judge examines reality to determine what is fair?  The elemental reality of life shares this simple venue: that freedom has allowed this behavior to exist/ but our freedom to remove ourselves, or remove these people from our lives, is surely and certainly equal or more than those who defile and disgrace our very lives.  Consequently it is fair to say, to understand, and to commit too:   an environment wherein “hate lives, over there/ and we live over here”.  The critical question then being:   if you put endless hate in one area/ and literal love in another area: HOW can we keep hate, from invading the space called love?

Oddly enough, it is hate itself that is the greatest contributor to this quest: because hate is hate, there are NO allowances for friendship, cooperation, working together, or even survival.  Which means, the ability to raise an army/ create a war machine, etc:  is negligible.  They will murder each other instead.  Recognizing that fact, a majority will then demand to attack and enslave, those who love/ by all means possible.  And because these cannot survive each other, they WILL surely try.
BUT LOVE also is the greatest contributor to this quest, becoming everything that hate is not: these will cooperate, work together with a passion, and be true and real friends to those who are worthy, or even honestly try.  Therefore, IF AWARE, AND PREPARED;   both in thought and heart, and honesty.  Very little will ever be lost. No mercy is allowed, to those who hate. It is, and it was their choice/ and they must live the consequences as best they can. Let them move among themselves, to find something better. The stages of life, that allow complete exile away from love are simple ones.

1.  If you refuse to accept the necessity, that only truth leads here;   only reality, nature, and law is our judge;   only shared existence can be our way/ then, you must move to “beyond the wall”, figuratively speaking.  “The outskirts” according to what is determined by society/ a place not easily returned from, to the others.

2.  If pride and power and greed and control are demanded by you/ if you have raped, destroyed, mutilated, or refuse to be honorable causing disaster, or building to a disaster for the others; because of your want.  THEN it is necessary for you to be removed from “this nation”/ and you will be transported to “another country”; wherein you will live until such time as this nation you must build, can rejoin society as one of us.  In other words:   “Birds of a feather” will be joined in separate enclaves or large areas, to experience life by their own design.  And until they, all their associates have proven:   we believe in truth and love, and choose peace and harmony.  They will remain, separate; you CANNOT come to visit/ you CANNOT come to work/ you CANNOT participate with us.  Unless you prove true responsibilities and discipline as created by love, now has been earned.

3.  The predator is merely an animal, regardless what form that takes.  Predators do not “live within the flock”/ they take from it.  Consequently IF WE ARE NOT TO BE “animals”/ THEN WE SHALL NOT be “a flock” any longer.  For this to be reality/ the constant threat of death and disaster by the elements of humanity that are vile and without a need for mercy:   SHALL BE REMOVED.  But you must be absolutely certain/ and if not, then only prison is allowed.

These three simple things, are elementary to the building of a society wherein we live as peace, hope, life, and love.  The failure to solidify and create a new society of peace and harmony by love/ will cause you to be destroyed.  NOT because you are judged/ rather because you were free, to choose; and the men who led you here, chose to lead you to death: by a thousand threats, and more.  It is these threats that you must contest with: YOU CHOSE THEM, as a humanity/ THEREFORE you will remove them by the decisions you also make, or suffer their consequences on you. It is the price of freedom/ & you chose to be free; demanding it, and everything men chose to bring with their decision, to this life on earth.

As to the gangs/ whether large or small: a fundamental truth is, these group together to cause the others harm/ to violate their lives/ to cause violence to exist/ and to murder, or in other ways defile life on earth.  THEREFORE no mercy is allowed, either they will surrender, to prison; or less if possible/ or SHALL be forced by extermination to be dissolved from life on earth.  Only world law can determine whether a nation as ruled by violence can be considered this kind of gang.  Only after extensive and real threats to CHANGE or die/ have been created within the people themselves, so that THEY KNOW, it is the hate we remove/ not the people themselves or their nation or their way of life.  But violence and disgrace and “the living dead” we intend to remove.  Only then, may you invade as necessary/ critically changing leadership; and presenting law, and the means to conceive of justice:  as provided by the world:  so that the people themselves shall rebuild, a better way.  It is not your job to change the people of any nation.  It WILL BE THE LAW: that every nation, shall participate for life first/ or have its leadership removed.

This is not a game, our reality is quite simple: without true change, we WILL run out of oxygen/ run out of food/ run out of water/ run out of patience for each other/ and go to war.  Or science as is “the devil incarnate today”: BECAUSE they threaten existence in so very many ways with their arrogance, thirst for power/ and ridiculous asinine pride.  They have become “the literal interpretation of satan”/ destroyer of worlds.  Will simply kill you all.  They have the machines/ they have knowledge enough, without the brains of a worm; to destroy you.   It is a fact!  I do strongly suggest you quit worshiping “devils”: those leading you to your death.  I demand you stop worshiping illusion and fantasy.  I strongly suggest, you learn the difference between: what is real/ and what is simply the games of men.  I strongly suggest, you quit playing with religion, and either believe in truth/ or stop playing games. This world is in trouble, and I am not your excuse.  The failure to accept truth and evidence, regardless of its source/ when this whole world is at stake, is UN-FORGIVABLE.  You are not told to believe me/ you are told to investigate, examine for truth, and decide in reality:   what the future will be, and then decide if you are going to continue as assassins, or not.  It is a choice.

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